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“Why Compromise? When you can enjoy Spiritual Bliss & Material Abundance while Serving Society


True fulfilment

comes from living a life of Spiritual Bliss dedicated to Serving Humanity while enjoying Material Abundance”

-Jitendra Gupta

Name: Jitendra Gupta

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

Profession: Blissfull Prosperity Coach

Experience: 10 + years

Expertise: Personality Development, Spiritual Development, Money, Sales, Inter Personal Communication, Stress Management, Leadership, Happiness & Prosperity Growth, Creating Harmonious Relationships, Parenting, etc.


After completing Chartered Accountancy, Jitendra worked in Banking Industry for 10 years. His observation was that people, irrespective of their financial status, designation or gender, are stressed & unhappy. Something within told him that his life is for a bigger purpose – To serve humanity – To bring joy, peace & Prosperity to lives of people. Accordingly, in 2010 he resigned from Axis Bank and Joined a Spiritual cum Social organization RSVK started by World renowned Master Guruji Rishi Prabhakarji and mentored by Shri ManojLekhito learn the secrets of a happy & peaceful life. He then started conducting different spiritual, business, relationship & self-development workshops but at the same time experienced financial breakdown & soon realized that in today’s world money is also equally important especially when we have a family to take care. Hence started doing research on how Money, Spirituality as well as Social Service can go on together & as a result of his research he earned in 1 month what he was earning in a year & now he is on a mission to transform lives of people financially, spiritually as well as materially.


To see every person living a life of Joy, Bliss, Peace, Love, Success & Prosperity


Creating and imparting Cutting Edge Transformational Coaching Programmes which makes a person Happy, Peaceful, Prosperous (Rich) and promotes Harmony in Relationships.


Transforming 1 billion lives by year 2045

Life Transforming Programmes

Jitendra Gupta has worked with Baggit, Star Group, Cosine Solutions, Control P Solutions, Nuts Sweets & Mithai, etc. for various programs including:

  • Spiritual Billionaire Programme
  • Spiritual Billionaire Club
  • Sales & Profits Breakthrough Programme
  • Speak to Peace & Harmony programme
  • Life Coaching
  • Employee Development Programme for corporates

Spiritual Billionaire Mind Workshop

( Enjoy Spiritual Bliss with Material Abundance)

Spiritual Billionaire Mind

(Enjoy Spiritual Bliss with Material Abundance):

What it is about?

Spiritual Billionaire Mind is a 3 day very powerful &one of World’s Leading Programme that transforms and breakthrough your Spiritual and Money Blueprint. It equips you with tools, Knowledge& mindset so you can enjoy Spiritual Bliss along with Material Prosperity while serving society. It is full of interaction, activities, introspection, fun, etc.

 Who can attend?

Any person who wants to grow spiritually as well as financially/ Materially while serving society.
Any person who doesn’t want to compromise between spirituality and Material Abundance.

Why should I attend?

Anyone who is serious about enjoying spiritual Bliss with Material Abundance and serve society does not want to miss Spiritual Billionaire Mind.
If you are a spiritually inclined person who also wants to enjoy Money & Material prosperity without sacrificing spirituality, you don’t want to miss the Spiritual Billionaire Mind.
If you want to live a life of Joy, Peace, Love, Harmony & Prosperity you don’t want to miss the Spiritual Billionaire Mind.

What am I going to learn?

Secret of Joy so you can be joyful whenever you want.
Success secrets which are practiced by most successful people in the world.
What makes a person poor, middleclass or rich so you can be rich.
How to transform your relationships with anybody in the world.
Biggest Money Blocks and how to overcome them.
Fundamental principles of Spirituality and Infinite prosperity.
FFAGPBS System which helps you to live life peaceful, blissful & prosperous.
Much much more…..

What are the outcomes?

Your Relationship with money will become excellent which is vital for money flow to increase in your life.
You will develop a Spiritual Money Blueprint so you never have to compromise between money or spirituality.
You will be equipped will tools, systems & mindset so new money-making opportunities will start showing up in your life.
You will be ready to live a life of joy, peace, love & prosperity.

Why you?

There are programmes which focus purely on spirituality but does not talk about money principles and there are programmes which focus purely on money but does not talk about spirituality. But Spiritual Billionaire Mind is a programme which covers money as well as spirituality in a single programme.


Jitendra Gupta
Blissfull Prosperity Coach


Sales & Profits Breakthrough Workshop

(Grow Rich by multiplying sales & profits without being stressed, sales or being pushy)

Sales and Profits Breakthrough

(Grow Rich by Multiplying your Sales & Profits without stress or guilt):

What it is about?

Sales & Profits Breakthrough is a 3 day Intensive very Powerful Programme on How to effortlessly multiply your sales & profits without stress or guilt. It equips you with High-Value Sales Mindset, Skills & tools so that selling becomes a joyful, effortless & rewarding experience.

Who can attend?

  • People into sales & marketing who want to grow their sales without stress or guilt.
  • Entrepreneurs, First Generation Entrepreneurs, Startups, Solopreneurs, Infopreneurs, Self Employed, Professionals who either go for sales or are responsible for growing sales of their organization.

Why should I attend?

  1. IF you want to grow/multiply your sales & Profits without stress or guilt.
  2. If you are struggling in selling your goods & services & are at a loss to find what’s going wrong? Why people are not buying your products or services and you want to break through your sales & margins.
  3. If you find it difficult of approach people, talk about your product/service, ask for money, handle objections, etc. and you want to overcome them then you don’t want to miss Sales & Profits Breakthrough Programme.

 What am I going to learn?

  1. Why most people struggle in sales & what to do about it.
  2. Mindset for Success in Sales & High-Value Sales.
  3. How to develop a rapport with your prospective clients.
  4. What to say so right people get attracted to you instead of you running after them.
  5. Secret of Handling Objections
  6. Closing secrets.
  7. Much much more….

What are the outcomes?

  1. You will be confident to sell any product or service with ease.
  2. You will start loving and enjoying sales.
  3. You will be able to save a lot of your time, energy & money by focusing your effort on the right clients.
  4. You will be confident in asking for a good price for your goods or services.
  5. You will develop long term relations with people.
  6. Your financial life will change forever.

Why you?

There are many sales programmes out there but a lot of these sales programmes are focused on hard selling and are not suitable for people who are spiritually inclined or soft-hearted. Sales & Profits Breakthrough programme is most suitable for people who are soft-hearted and spiritually inclined as they don’t have to compromise on their values or ethics. All the tools & techniques are based on real-life results and are self-evident.


Jitendra Gupta
Blissfull Prosperity Coach

Speak to Peace and Harmony

( How to make other person understand you without spoiling Relations)

Speak to Peace and Harmony

( Make other person understand your thoughts & feelings without spoiling relations)

What is Speak to Peace & Harmony Programme?

Speak to Peace & Harmony is a 1-day programme which helps you to express your deepest thoughts & feelings to any person with confidence without spoiling relationships.

Who can attend?

  1. Anyone who wants to express their thoughts & feelings without spoiling relations.
  2. Managers, Parents, Husband/wife, Leaders, Teachers, Supervisors, etc.

Why attend?

  1. If you are fed up of constant arguments with your spouse, Child, employees, etc. and want peace & harmony in your house/office.
  2. If you suppress your thoughts & feelings due to fear or spoiling relations & want to get over it.

What is the outcome?

  1. You will be able to express your thougts& feelings in a responsible way so that other person gets your point without getting into arguments & fights.
  2. You will be a better leader, spouse, parent, manager, son/daughter, etc.
  3. You will be able to resolve unnecessary conflicts in a peaceful way.
  4. You will have more peace & harmony in your relationships.
  5. You will be able to clear any misunderstandings with others.

What you will learn:

  1. Two Biggest Mistakes which creates a gap and spoil relationships and how to overcome them.
  2. Two Powerful Mindset which will make your communication effective and successful.
  3. Key Principles of Human Relationships which help you to be a great communicator.
  4. Five Step Simple, Proven & Effective Communication Structure which allows you to express your thoughts and feelings without spoiling relationships.
  5. Seven ways to make other person open to listen to you.
  6. Five blunders you must avoid which if you want other person must listen to you.
  7. Two questions you can ask which will stop misunderstanding to develop?
  8. Much much more….


Jitendra Gupta
Entrepreneur, Author, Happiness & Prosperity Coach.


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Myself Gurusidda I work as a SSY teacher…After completing SPIRITUAL billionaire PROGRAM I HAVE sorted my all problem of finance and because of SB I am arranging more and more SSY classes…thank you for Jitendra Gupta sir and my beloved Guruji Hanumantaji..


SSB WORKSHOP - Gurusidda

SSY Teacher

Before I wanted to purchase a Fridge since last 2 years, bike since many years and start a project since last 5 yrs but was unable to do. 

Then Raju Guruji asked me to do Spiritual Billionaire Workshop by Jitu Sir which I did and there I understood where I was stuck and then || started applying principles taught in SB Workshop. 

Within 8 days I purchased Fridge by cash, within 45 days I purchased Bike in cash and I also started the project in 60 days. All thanks to Raju Guruji, Jitu Sir & SB Principles.

SSB WORKSHOP - Ashlesha Kolhapur

Before Sales & Profits Breakthrough workshop, I was able to get 20 to 25% conversion from my presentation to admission. After doing Sales & Profit Breakthrough workshop, I am able to get 60% plus conversion from presentation.

SP WORKSHOP - Abhijit Karandikar

Associate Area Head SIP Academy.

No of people benefited



Including Employees, Employers, Professionals, Housewives, Parents, Students, etc.


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Secrets of a Spiritual Billionaire

 (How to live an abundant and blissful life by integrating prosperity and spiritual principles)

Inspired Selling

(How to enjoy selling)

Zerohurt Communication

How to express fearlessly without hurting or spoiling relations.

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