What is the single most important cause for unhappiness & misery?

Being in the Transformation Industry since last more than 10 years and meeting thousands of people, conducting workshops on Stress, Spirituality, Money, Sales, etc. I see some people happy & most people unhappy.

When i ask them” What makes you happy or unhappy?”

People gave different answers. ” Lack of Money, Poor relationships, Lack of facilities, Dominating boss, poor health, etc. But most common answer is ” When things don’t do as per my expectations, i become unhappy”

Most people believe that they are unhappy because they don’t have what they want. but the truth is far from it.

One thing i have discovered after interacting & observing more than 10,000 people for more than 35 years , i can say this:

We are Unhappy not because we don’t have what we want but because we don’t have an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE towards what we already have.

We are all the time complaining and unhappy about what we don’t have, but we seldom Feel Grateful for what we already have.

e.g. One person is unhappy because he does not have a good income instead of being grateful that at least he has a Job. Of course he can try for a better job but for that we don’t have to be unhappy. We can be happy & grateful for what we have and also strive for what we do want to have.

In Spiritual Billionaire Mind Coaching, I teach my participants, the Secret to be in Gratitude which helps them to be in gratitude throughout their life effortlessly.

One of my participants was always stressed and unhappy. He would even throw away the food plate if food would have less salt in it and would shout at his wife for making tasteless food. Once he understood the Secret of gratitude, now even if the food is not tasty, he would feel gratitude towards his wife for making food for him. His life & Relationships have positively transformed.

The practice of Gratitude can help you make more money, have more business, get more clients, have better health, better relations.

So to Conclude One of the KEY Secret of Happiness is an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

Practice it & see how your life transforms.

-Jitendra Gupta

(Spiritual Millionaire Explorer & Coach).

Please comment on your biggest learning from this article and also share how you will apply this learning in your life.

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