You must have heard about best friends, good friends, close friends and more such, but what is a life friend? A life friend is a person who is there with you from the start of your life and is with you forever. It is none other than your own mind! You and yourself are the best kind of bond ever in this world. When you start to love yourself, be kind to yourself and embrace yourself, then you tend to be the happiest person in the world. It is none other than you or your happiness that matters a lot to your mind, so one thing which expects you to always be happy and prosperous in life is your own self, that is why it is called as your Life Friend.

     The life you live is supposed to be an adventurous one where you learn and explore new things, experience new things and have a beautiful journey of life, but for that you have to keep your mind a little silent and hold on to thoughts of abundance, health, love and well-being.

     You will experience your life as whatever you focus on and whatever you pay attention to. It is the way you give your attention to something. See you don’t have any enemy outside and neither do you have any friend outside, you are your best friend and you are your best enemy or worst enemy. You don’t have to go and find any enemy, no outside enemy can do greater harm than what you do to yourself. 

     Being a good person to yourself is all that matters and for that you don’t have to control your mind, instead you have to re-frame your mind and make it your friend. Don’t get into a fight with your mind, you cannot win the fight as such, because when it comes to the subconscious mind, it doesn’t have a logic, but it’s very powerful. The conscious mind has logic, but it is not as powerful as the subconscious mind.

     So make your subconscious mind your friend, see it as a friend, see it as somebody who is there to help you, who is there to fulfill your wishes, but for that you have to give it a good clarity of what you want.

“Your mind is very powerful, make sure to make it your friend and not your enemy” -Jitendra Gupta

     So when you try to completely understand that your mind is the golden key for your happy life, you would have to take good care of your mind, instead of pleasing other people who are the so-called friends, it is of no use. Instead spend the valuable time for yourself. Being socially active, getting together with the world is all the secondary thing, but primarily, when you are happy from inside, you eventually tend to be a happy person outside too, people would love being with you. Treat yourself in the way you’d want your loved ones to treat you. 

     Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion, will one day become a reality.


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