Our quality of life depends on quality of decisions we take.

Hitler’s decision to wage war led to World War II leading to loss of millions of lives , poverty and misery, and losing trillion of dollars of wealth.

Gandhiji’s decision to start a Non Violent Satyagraha led to freedom of India from 200 years of British Colonian Rule.

A person is faced with many kinds of decisions to be taken which ranges from mundane decisions like which dress to wear, what to eat in a party, whom to make friends, whom to elect in election, which business to start, which job to do, whether to give bribe or not, whether to enter into contract with a particular customer, Vendor or not, whether to marry or not, with whom to marry, whether to have children, etc…

Unfortunately we have never been trained in school or colleges on how to take proper decisions, due to which many people don’t know how to take proper decisions.

Decisions are taken in the environment of future uncertainty. No one can predict future accurately because there are innumerable factors in play and its not possible for anyone to predict with certainty what the future has in store for us but inspite of all the unpredictability decision has to be taken Now.

Different ways in which decisions are taken by people are as under:

Reactive Decisions:

Lot of people take important decisions of their life out of reaction. Without thinking a pros and cons of taking such decisions e.g. i know of a person who told her wife in a fit of anger that she should leave the house and this led to wife actually leaving the house and they were living separately spoiling their marital peace and harmony. Also decisions taken when a person is feeling low like sad, anger, depression, guilt, hate, etc., also leads to undesirable consequences. The reason why reactive decision fail is because when our mind is disturbed, our intellect cannot think properly and due to which decisions go wrong. Hence never to take any action or decision when we are in low vibratory state or low feeling or disturbed. The only decision to be taken at that moment is Go in Silence and only when our mind is silent, any decision must be taken.

Undeliberated Decision:

Many times people decide to buy a particular thing just because it looked attractive at first sight or because their friend has it or because everyone has it without really thinking whether it is really required, whether it will fit in their budget,etc,. e.g a man bought a t-shirt because it looked very attractive although he knew it would make him very uncomfortable in that t-shirt.

Decisions from Intellect(Buddhi): Most intelligent and responsible people take decisions based on proper analysis of situation with understanding the pros and cons of their decision. This is 100 times better way of taking decisions as compared to reactive or undeliberated decision. Most people take decisions through committes, Board of Directors, etc, which helps to take a balanced view of situation and proper decisions are taken, but there is one BIG limitation of taking decisions based on Intellect, which is that Buddhi(Intellect) has limited awareness, limited knowledge, limited understanding because of which many of the decisions taken turn out to be unsuccessful. and hence we have to resort to even higher source for taking decision and which is decision taken based on inner guidance or Higher Self.

Decision by Higher Self: Our Higher Self is infinite times more knowledgeable, Powerful and wise as compared to our conscious mind or intellect(buddhi). Decision taken based on Guidance from Higher Self also known at Conscience is far superior to decisions taken in any other way. Inner Conscience is also the Voice of God within.

As our Inner Self is also the Inner Self of all, it knows what is in the interest of all concerned and it can give us guidance on what is a Win Win Win Solution. It knows past, present and future hence can guide us( conscious mind) as to which action or decision will lead to highest good of all concerned. But for us to receive this inner guidance we need to be in tune with out Higher Self which one can get through Ho’opono method, through Meditation, through Prayer and other ways of getting in tune with our Higher Self.

Key decisions taken by Great Masters like Moses, Prophet Mohammad, Decision of Satyagraha by Gandhiji, etc. were received by them during their deep meditative states when they were in tune with Higher Self. In my own life whenever i have taken decisions based on Higher Self, i have felt Inner Peace and Success outside. Once when i was in need to finance and i could not see from where funds would receive, on tuning to higher self, i received the guidance of talking to a particular person adn on following the guidance i got the funds i needed. In Spiritual Billionaire Programme, participants learn how to take decisions based on Higher Self. Spiritual Billionaire Programme is about achieving material prosperity which is in alighment with Higher Self. The way you come to know that your decision is guided by Higher Self is that it gives us a feeling of Peace and Inspiration. It gives a feeling of Wow and will be loved by all concerned.

To summarise,

We can take decisions based on Reaction, undeliberation, through Buddhi or through Higher Self. Decisions based on reaction leads to disaster, Undeliberated decision leads to waste of time and energy, decision based on buddhi(Intellect) can be used in day to day life which are not very important but the decisions which are very important in our life must surely be taken based on Guidance from Higher Self.

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With Love & Gratitude

Jitendra Gupta

(Happines and Prosperity Coach)

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