Every person is driven by something or the other purpose while living life. Although every person want to live a happy, peaceful, prosperous and a contributive and fulfilling life but people use different ways to achieve above goals.

Based on my observation & study, i have found following kinds of purposes which drive people & in my analysis i have found one of the best way of living life which i will reveal by the end of this article.

Different purposes include survival, Security, Money, Comfort, Power, Service, God Realisation, etc. In this post i will be sharing the implication of each driving force and if you stay till end, you will get the best way to live a truly fulfilling life.

Survival: A vast majority of people live life just so they can survive for as long as possible in a comfortable way. They earn money and use it to fulfil their basic needs of Food, Clothing & Shelter. Even though it is important to Survive but only Survival cannot be the purpose of life because whatever a person tries, his body is bound to die.

Comfort & Luxuries: After survival, most people live driven with a desire to live life comfortably enjoying sensual pleasures & luxuries of life. These people definitely enjoy a much better lifestyle as compared to people who only live to survive still the problem is however a person may enjoy the comforts and luxuries, after certain age, senses starts to get weaken and a person is left unhappy and unfulfilled. e.g i know one person aged 55 years having all the comforts and luxuries of life who told me that he don’t know what is happiness. 

Power & Control: There are some people whose life is all about getting power. They want to Rule people & so they can live the life as per their choice so no one can stop them from doing anything and they can control others. Such people resort to all kinds of moral as well as immoral means to acquire Power. They are always in struggle with those in power and to safeguard their power. they find it difficult to sleep peacefully especially when see threat to their power. e.g Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, etc. If we see their life they were not happy or peaceful people but always lived in fear & in fight with others.

After Life Pleasures: Many people are very cautious when it comes to performing deeds with evil intentions because they realize that if they hurt others they will have to go to hell and if they help other and do good deeds they will be rewarded in Heaven. So these people do as much as good and avoid doing bad deeds as much as possible. Good thing about them is that Society benefits from such people because they do lot of charitable work, they open dharamshalas, orphanage, build temples, open libraries, etc. The only problem is they are driven by fear of going to hell and once their merits are over they have to come back to human form and start all over again.

Service: A small Percentage of people are driven by making difference and serving society. They leave their jobs, comforts so they can serve humanity. People like Mother Teresa, nuns and many social workers fall in this category. They dont live for themselves but for society. Whatever they do, it is for welfare of people. Such people are one of the biggest boon for society and specially for under privileged section of society because they are taken care by such social heart driven people. Such people definitely experience joy when they see people’s pain is alliviated but only thing is they do experience pain of sacrificing their comforts. so this is one of the very high purpose in life and gives lot of joy & fulfillment to them.

Moksha: A very small percentage of people devote their life exploring God or Self Realisation. As per most of the scriptures, especially Hindu Scriptures, one of the key purpose of life is to Know Thyself or Self Realisation. We know that many people take Sanyas so they can devote themselves in Self Realisation or God Realisation. These people go through all kind of hardships in order to Realize God and they can also live happily in the process but the problem is to the people who are left behind. 

After considering all the above driving forces of purposes, contemplating on their effects on self and society, observing & experiencing some of the driving force, i have come to the conclusion the BEST WAY TO LIVE LIFE is First be SELF REALIZED because once you are self realised then you are not dependent on anyone for your happiness. You realize that you are Blissful itself. Your nature itself is to be Blissful. you experience Love for all & then rest of life whatever you do, it is an expression of your Joy & Love. This according to me is the best way of living life.

It is for this same purpose i have developed Spiritual Billionaire Programmes so we can facilitate creation of Such people who are Happy, Peaceful as-well as prosperous.

Looking forward to your Comments.

with Love

Jitendra Gupta

Happiness & Prosperity Coach

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