Over the last 45 years, I have observed different kinds of people.

Some living a life steeped only in comforts and luxury,

some all the time complaining about what wrong & bad in life, with people, with government, with country, …

some bored and all the time looking for next piece of entertainment,

Some gave all their lives to earning money

Some fully involved in creating difference and contributing immensely in the world like Mahatma Gandhi, Sadhguru, etc.

I had always wished to live a very dynamic life. A life which is full of intensity, contribution but at the same time not get sucked by suffering due to things not happening my way & also maintaining my inner poise & calm under all circumstances.

So I started doing contemplation on how is this possible? I started studying the lives of great dynamic people in the world like Krishna, Rama, Mahatma Gandhi, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam & many more.

Also, I had listened & studied what great masters have to talk about dynamic life.

After a lot of analysis & contemplation, i realized an important understanding which when lived can make us live a very dynamic life & which is:

1.Being 100% Responsible: we get the power to make things happen & we can choose how we want to respond in that situation.

2. 100% Involved: Only by being 100% Involved in anything, we can produce the greatest results as well as enjoy the process.

3. Detachment to Results: Being 100% responsible and involved will be amazing but there is also a high possibility of things not going our way which can lead to suffering & hence the importance of not being attached to final outcomes but fully involved.

I realized this is also what is the essence of Karma Yoga.

This is my understanding.

If you like it you can take it or leave it. But this is my realization.

Please share your thoughts on the above in the comment below.

With Love & Gratitude
Jitendra “Dynamic” Gupta

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