Who is more spiritual? a rich person or a poor person? a person who gives free services or a person who charges for his services?

A question which occurred to me when i was doing research into “Spiritual Billionaire” and which i ask to all my spiritual Billionaire coaching participants is :


a person who lives in luxury, stays in a Bungalow, engages in bussiness, receives money from people but use money for self, family, bussiness as well as social welfare?


a person who lives in a a small cottage, who is all the time singing devotional songs and give discourses to poor people, give free services and lives in caves or forest?

If i ask you who is more spiritual out of above? most people will tell 2nd person because he is unselfish, is not attached to money, is not money minded, lives in minimum, gives freely, etc.

When i ask them the question ” Who is more spiritual of the above? most people immediately say later person is more spiritual.

But when i dig deeper and ask the question ” What is the essence of Spirituality?

Is it living in poverty?

Is it avoiding luxury?

Is it giving free service?

Is it living in forest or cave?

If that is so then Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, King Janaka should not be considered as Spiritual but they are regarded as Spiritual Masters.

If i take some well know spiritual masters viz Lord Krishna, King Janak, Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Prophet Moses, Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Sai Baba, Sant Gyaneshwar, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobindsinghji, Kabir, Osho, Prophet Jarathustra, Sant Eknath, Sant Gora Kumbhar, Satya Sai Baba, Swami Narayan, etc.

On comparing them, we see that they belonged to different caste, country, profession, lived in different financial conditions but are still called Spiritual people.

So what is common in them?

Most common thing we find is this

” Unconditional Love, Detachment & working for everyone’s welfare”

so from outside actions and circumstances, we cannot make out who is spiritual or who is not. A person can be spiritual or not spiritual irrespective of whether a person lives in luxury or not, does bussiness or not, receive money or not, irrespective of their profession a man can still be Spiritual. The key thing is ” IS HE/SHE IS OPERATING FROM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, DETACHMENT & WORKING FOR EVERYONE’S WELFARE OR NOT?

It means that a person need not feel that if he do a bussiness or charge money or live in luxury, he can’t be spiritual. As he works on getting more & more loving, detached & is working for everyone’s welfare he can be spiritual as well as rich and have all the fun and pleasures of life.

My conclusion:

“One can be Rich as well as Spiritual”

With Love & Gratitude

Jitendra Gupta

ps: would love to see your comments on the above and if you like it share it with others who you think may benefit from this post.

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