Some people are always unhappy & stressed, and some are always calm and happy. Why is that?

How can you be happy and calm during stressful and difficult situations?

A woman was always sad and unhappy regardless of the situation. She always complained and grumbled at everything. Why? Because she was dwelling in the past and was constantly thinking of all the unhappy and difficult situations that she had been through.

 She would constantly think about her past health, finance, and relationships issues. Apart from that, she always stressed about what the future had in store for her and what difficulties she might have to face ahead. Due to these thoughts, she was always sad, disturbed, and tired in the present.



How can people be happy when they have low vibrational thoughts and memories about problems, negative and sad thoughts?

We need to think about what kind of thoughts are running inside our heads, and what type of memories we keep in our minds. Whether they are happy or sad memories, positive or negative memories, etc.   

When we think of memories, we need to check if those are happy or sad memories. If the memories are sad, we can think about how you can imply the lesson learned from that experience into our present and future to make it better. 

On the other hand, if the memories are happy, we should enjoy them and always keep in our minds the lessons we learn from them too. This is a way for us to use our past as an opportunity to do better in the present and future.

 Now, when we are in the present, we can either think about the tough situations that everyone is going through or we can choose to look at new opportunities. 

In the same way, we can either think about all the difficulties we might face in the future or think of how we were able to find solutions to our problems in the past and be able to do the same in the future.

we can also make sure to do the right things in the present to prevent any tough situations that we might have to face in the future.


How can we apply this in our lives?

By taking at least five minutes each day to introspect and hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts at the moment. Whether they are good or bad memories. 

If you are thinking of negative memories we can choose to think of all the good things that have happened and fill our minds with positive thoughts and high vibrational memories. 

If we follow this we can be calmer and happier even in tough situations.


-Jitendra Gupta

(Spiritual Millionaire Explorer & Coach).

Please comment on your biggest learning from this article and also share how you will apply this learning in your life.

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